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We believe it takes more than experience to raise the level of care you provide. It takes vision and passion. Vision to be forward-thinking in the navigate the healthcare landscape, and a passion for the men and women who make up critical front-line organizations. We have spent our entire career looking to the future and developing far-forward strategies that others had yet to imagine.

Our roots run deep in pre-hospital care, emergency and acute care hospital systems, wellness initiatives for first responders and advancing emergency transport services. Working alongside you, our team will help create a blueprint to solve the problems you face today, and prepare for the challenges that will come tomorrow.

We have the experience, but what makes us unique is the vision and passion we bring to each organization we serve


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Effectively managing acute care delivery systems and emergency service throughput can be daunting - especially in today's ever-changing healthcare landscape. Whether it's a global pandemic, preparing for the next natural disaster, or just day-to-day efficiencies, hospitals of all sizes must be flexible and ready for the next challenge.

Emergency Transport Services

Superior patent care is critical for those responsible for moving patients across the city, the state or the country. Emergency Transport Services is a competitive business and they must be more than competent - they must be resourceful when the need arises.
When things are going smoothly - and when they are not - these teams must be a step ahead of their competition.

Public Service Agencies

First responders are a unique band of individuals who run toward danger and disaster. These men and women deserve wellness programs that can meet their specific health needs. It's important for them to have the mental, physical and occupational services and resources they need as they provide safety and security within their communities.  

I began my medical career as a paramedic before becoming a practicing Emergency Medicine physician. Since the beginning, I have always believed in innovation and far-forward medicine. I have seen first hand the importance of developing forward-thinking medical programs and providing preventative, urgent and operational medical support to the public safety professionals in our communities.

Damon A. Darsey, MD, FAEMS

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